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Hey there! Welcome. I’m Shannon Forrester, Owner | Artistic Director | Event Designer at The Forrester Centre.

As a born-and-raised Cape Breton girl, most people know me as ‘Dancer Shan’ and immediately associate me with our family dance school, The Forrester School of Dance - to which I have trained under my mother Eileen’s direction since the age of 4.  I’m still dancing, performing and teaching classes on a weekly basis as dance has and will always be one of my favourite passions in life.

As an entrepreneur, business professional, and creative, there's other stuff I've been passionate about over the years. In particular, the acquisition, design, and launch of my beautiful new venue, The Forrester Centre that now enables me to bring my multiple passions to life in one very unique and special space. Many guests and clients who have been to my venue always ask me, ‘Shannon, what made you want to do THIS?’ ‘THIS’ meaning what’s tucked away behind those tartan doors you see on the outside. The biggest creative endeavor of my life.

It’s always been a dream of mine to one day own my very own venue to do all of the wonderful things I’m experienced with and simply love to do. With the diverse professional expertise I’ve worked hard to acquire, coupled with many creative endeavors I’m passionate about, having my own venue now enables me to execute my own signature experiences, BUT a wee bit differently.


As a creative, I’m always seeking new ways to challenge myself and the industry norm and absolutely LOVE designing and executing bold and refreshingly unique approaches that showcases how I best serve my clients. Simply put, I curate small, intimate, premium, and private all-inclusive experiences for my clients in a space like no other, and with a team like no other.

My company is built on a very strong foundation of family, tradition, love, integrity, and a passion for all that ‘wee’ offer to our clients and guests, sprinkled with an abundance of life experience. It’s my personal belief that there’s nothing more important than surrounding yourself with your very best and most important people whether it be personal or in business. It’s all about quality not quantity in creating opportunities and experiences for those sacred relationships to be celebrated and cultivated in a most private and premium way. I’m here to help you achieve just that, if that’s what you also desire. Consider me your ‘memory maker!'


There’s something quite magical about small and intimate experiences, such as a wedding, which truly allow our clients to be present with their most cherished relationships and make lasting memories that will live on in years to come. There’s also something quite refreshing about having a discreet space to conduct private business that allows clients the freedom to enjoy our venue’s amenities where privacy is paramount.

Other Stuff:

My background and expertise in business is quite vast as I've held various roles in private, corporate and government organizations ranging in Human Resource Management, Labour Relations, Marketing, Financial Management, Hospitality, Marketing and Event Planning.  I'm a proud Cape Breton University graduate and so is my entire Forrester Family and my partner Dan. I’m a Speaker, Consultant, Professional Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Cocktail Curator, and Foodie. I am also a very proud member of the Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce and honored to have been the recipient of the Rose Schwartz Business Woman of the Year in 2019.  

But, most importantly, before all of that, I am a Partner, Fur Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Friend, Trusted Confidant, and Lover of Life. 


Whether you’re looking to hold a small and intimate Wedding, Corporate or Lifestyle event in a most unique, private, and premium space, surrounded by your very best people, we’re here to help you with all the details and curate a one-of-a-kind, stress-free experience just for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’ve connected and I’m excited to hear from you.

With an abundance of love,

Shannon xo

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