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Behind every successful and memorable experience is a team of seasoned professionals with heart, soul, and passion about the gifts they bring to the world.

Wee have an outstanding team of industry professionals who not only bring the heart, soul, and passion to their craft, but also the quality and commitment to serving our clients.  Not only this, they embody the vision of what Forrester's Wee Weddings represents. Your very special day, your way, with all the glitz, glam, and premium details and offerings you may desire, in the presence of your very best people, and in the most stunning, relaxed, intimate, candid, stress fee, and romantic environment.  THAT is what 'wee' offer and can do for you and wee absolutely loving doing it!


***Please note: While wee have a dedicated group of creatives wee typically call upon, wee also welcome all industry creatives seeking a venue for their couples.  Additionally, wee also encourage other industry creatives and professionals to reach out to us should  you wish to provide your services to us.  Contact Shannon to discuss opportunities:


Shannon Forrester

Owner:  The Forrester Centre & The Krypt Lounge

Curator/Artistic Director: Forrester's Wee Weddings


Artistic Director/Concept Curator

Shannon Forrester

Venue Owner/Operator

Shannon Forrester

Justice of the Peace/JP Coordination

Sheila MacDonald

Food and Beverage/Culinary Designer

Kilted Kuisine, Dan MacPherson


Anita Clemens Photography /
Statton Photography


Family HeirBlooms, Katie Hodder


Not Just Cakes ~ by Tara

Wedding Planning/Coordination

Sweet Peas Wedding Planning | FPG Ltd


FPG Ltd, Shannon Forrester


Wee Weddings Team

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